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A magazine for business-minded women


PiNK Corner Office is a smart, business-minded magazine with content specifically focused for women in business.



We support all women in business by providing information and connection through media. We offer affordable nationwide print advertising to select upscale, unique, women-focused products and services.



PiNK Corner Office represents women from all walks of business. We relate to the business-minded woman at every stage in her business and career. Our business articles offer relevant business insights from entrepreneurial women who are specialists in their fields. Through these articles, it not only helps the women reading them, but also directly advertises the businesses of our contributing writers.


We also believe that it is necessary for women to incorporate balance in their lives. Our articles on well-being, travel destinations, entertaining polls, and reviews of quality products-services offer many ways for our readers to enjoy life more.


PiNK Corner Office is a smart, business-minded publication with content specifically focused for women in business. 


By subscribing, you are not only receiving articles relevant to the business-minded woman, but you are also supporting women-owned and women-focused businesses across the country. 


Your generous sponsorship allows us to offer print advertising to many women-owned and women-focused small businesses, immediately expanding their reach to a nationwide audience in a full color magazine for as little as only 12 cents per reader!


By advertising in PiNK Corner Office you will immediately expand your reach to a nationwide full-color PRINT.

As a growing business, it is virtually impossible to reach a nationwide group of women through full color print advertising in a way that is cost effective. PiNK Corner Office is a nationwide group of women that WANT to be made aware of the special products and services you offer.  

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In each issue we reveal how other women respond to questions regarding business and life.  Answers are represented in chart and graph format.


In exchange for your feedback, you will be registered to win a number of products provided by our Sponsors and Advertisers. 


" Our Corporate Sponsors simultaneously help between 40 and 160 small and medium businesses gain nationwide exposure"

PiNK Corner Office

  • Places our Corporate Sponsors in ultra premium positions for maximum visibility in every issue.

  • Offers affordable, full-page, full-color print advertising for small and medium businesses to a nationwide audience of dynamic women. 

  • Provides our readers with content that is relevant and valuable to the business-minded woman.


Our Demographics

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  • PiNK Corner Office has membership in every single state throughout the United States with highest concentrations being East of the Mississippi, Texas, and throughout the West Coast.
  • Our readers are a dynamic group of women ranging in age from 30-55 and are business focused, business owners, and/or are leaders in all types of businesses. Our readers are powerful women who know that their buying habits can propel forward the destiny of the new and emerging businesses.
  • PiNK Corner Office readers are interested in buying in such a way that we help launch, promote, and patronize these small businesses and our generous Sponsors alike.


PiNK Corner Office

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