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Corporate Sponsorship

Advertising in print, to a nationwide audience is cost‐prohibitive and virtually impossible for small and medium businesses. So, they are left to advertise locally in print and a national campaign can only be accomplished through online resources which can be tricky to navigate. It is difficult to effectively market a small to medium business through only one nationwide avenue.


We offer these businesses an upscale print format that can be referenced again and again. We cannot do this alone however. We need the help of generous sponsors to help fund this initiative.


By supporting our efforts through your sponsorship, you are helping many women‐owned and women‐focused businesses across the country gain exposure to a targeted, niche demographic that is eager to patronize their businesses. And you, as our sponsor, are recognized by these same women as a support system to our national economic growth through small business.

Why Sponsor?

  1. Sponsors receive ultra-premium placements for maximum visibility.

  2. Limited sponsorship opportunities ensure each sponsor stands out

  3. Your sponsorship helps up to 160 small and medium businesses in each issue.

  4. PiNK Corner Office has readers in every single state across the U.S.

  5. Business-minded women are eager to support businesses that support them.


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How You Help

Sponsorship is the life‐blood of PiNK Corner Office. Your generous sponsorship allows us to offer print advertising to many women-owned and women-focused small businesses, immediately expanding their reach to a nationwide audience in a full color magazine for as little as only 10 cents per reader!


Your sponsorship shows your support and in turn gives your business great exposure to the same targeted, niche demographic that is PiNK Corner Office. 


Are you ready to Sponsor?  Contact us and let us help you plan your Sponsorship Initiative.

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