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Who We Are

PiNK Corner Office is a groundbreaking business magazine for women, where with the help of our generous Sponsors, we are able to boost our nation’s economy by supporting and promoting small business across the United States.


Currently, the advertising rates in any nationally circulated print magazine far exceed the ad budget for a small business. Because of this, PiNK Corner Office strives to provide small businesses the ability to reach a niche demographic and a nationwide audience through cost-effective print media.


With our focus on women in business, we offer content that is relevant and valuable to business women. Our contributors are business subject matter experts and they can provide our readers with services that help grow their businesses, whether their own or the corporate businesses they lead.


We also believe that it is necessary for women to incorporate balance in their lives. Our articles on well‐being, travel destinations, entertaining polls, and reviews of quality products and services offer many ways for our readers to enjoy life more.


Our readers receive well-balanced content that also supports small, women-owned and women-focused businesses across the nation.


Who Benefits:

Our Sponsors!

Advertising in print, to a nationwide audience is cost‐prohibitive and virtually impossible for small and medium businesses.  We offer these businesses an upscale print format that can be referenced again and again. We cannot do this alone however. We need the help of generous sponsors to help fund this initiative.


By supporting our efforts through your sponsorship, you are helping many women‐owned and women‐focused businesses across the country gain exposure to a targeted, niche demographic that is eager to patronize their businesses. And you, as our sponsor, are recognized by these same women as a support system to our national economic growth through small business.

Our Advertisers!

By advertising in PiNK Corner Office you will immediately expand your reach to a nationwide full-color PRINT.


As a growing business, it is virtually impossible to reach a nationwide group of women through full color print advertising in a way that is cost effective. PiNK Corner Office is a nationwide group of women that WANT to be made aware of the special products and services you offer. Our readers are eager to source new products and services from unique women-owned and women-focused businesses specifically targeted by PiNK Corner Office.


Our Readers!

Through PiNK Corner Office, our readers are given exclusive access to women-owned and women-focused businesses across the nation. Whether they are looking for business solutions, great gift ideas for any occasion, or are in need of some well-deserved balance, they need only look to their subscription of PiNK Corner Office.


Our advertisers are hand-selected and represent a variety of women-owned and women-focused businesses across the nation that can provide solutions.

Our Authors!

Our articles are sourced from entrepreneurial women across the nation who are specialists in their fields.  This gives them a platform to promote their own businesses, as well as sharing their knowledge and expertise with other business-minded women.


Our contributing writers benefit from a consistent women-focused platform from which to promote their own businesses;increasing their reach to our nationwide membership.

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